Haïti a forgotten country

About 11 million people live in Haiti, 80 percent of whom still live below the poverty line. Many Haitians live on about $2.00 a day. The Haitians are still surviving every day. People still deal with the consequences of the earthquake that took place on January 12, 2010 every day, the hurricane Matthew that hit in 2016 and the earthquake that caused many victims on August 14, 2021. High food and gas prices, political unrest and gang violence create unsafe situations. Many Haitians live in fear because of this.

There is a high child mortality rate, poor medical care, many people are illiterate, people still live in extreme poverty and there is still undrinkable water in many places, which means that there is a regular incidence of cholera. There is very high unemployment because there are no jobs. Many parents/caretakers do not have the financial resources to send their children to school.

Our working area is located in the village of Ça-Ira, which is located in the western department, a 1½ hour drive from Port au Prince. Ça-Ira is on the coast.

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