The Care for Haiti Foundation wants to help as many children and people as possible where needed, in the village of Ça Ira, based on a Christian conviction. We may put Isaiah 58:10 into practice. We want to bring hope and let Jesus’ love shine through our projects. That for underprivileged children, young people and adults, the projects will bring change in their lives and in their hearts.

We hope and encourage them to pass on their faith in their own environment, so that they become a generation that will positively influence the country of Haiti.

Who we are

The team consists of people who have been to Haiti. We want to make a difference and be light bearers in this world and help as many children and people in need as possible. Through our daily involvement and contact with various contact persons, who are our hands, feet, eyes and ears in the field, we can help the children and people in Ça Ira. By working together, we are strong together and we want to bring hope through our projects.

What we do

Care for Haiti provides aid to the poorest. Our projects focus on: children, the needy, the hungry, widows and orphans, education and evangelism. We also have a sponsorship program that gives children a chance for a better future.