Sponsor a child

Every child wants to feel loved and to be seen. Every child is valuable and unique. We want to offer underprivileged children a hopeful future and enable them to become what God intended them to be. That is why we want to provide as many children as possible with their daily needs. By offering them education in a place where they can feel at home. They also hear about the love of Jesus. Every child in Haiti loves to go to school and learn.

Growing up in one of the poorest countries, namely Haiti, is not easy as a child. One does not live but tries to survive every day. Children are the future, they say, but if you don’t get an education, if you don’t have food to eat every day, you wonder what will become of these children.

We started sponsoring children in November 2020. We have seen with our own eyes that parents/carers have no money. They cannot send their children to school and therefore cannot offer a hopeful future. These children need help.

That is why we want to bring about change. We believe that the unconditional love of Jesus will touch and transform children’s hearts and families.

You too can make a difference in a country like Haiti and show your love. Helping a child in extreme poverty is one of them.


Goals of the project

Offer underprivileged children education and health care in a safe environment, so that they have a chance for a better future.

When children go to school, they change from little anxious children into happy, confident people, who have faith in the future. Children like to go to school. This gives them the feeling that they belong somewhere!

Because we want to start with the “basic”, we start sponsoring children from 4 year old. Each child has its own sponsor. This sponsor pays € 25.00 per month.

For this amount a child receives a custom-made schooluniform, the school fees are paid, school books and other school materials such as notebooks, pencils and pens are purchased.

The children come into our health care system program which means that they can go to the doctor and receive medication for free if necessary.

Money for food is also available.

Make a difference in a child’s life and give them a chance to make their dreams come true!

Make a difference

Thanks to the contributions of various sponsors, many underprivileged children in Haiti can get a chance for a better future. It gives the parents/caretakers financial relief and a child the chance for a better future.

We are still looking for sponsors for children. Does it touch your heart? Do you want to make a difference for these children in this world sign up. We give you the opportunity three times a year to let the sponsor child know something, for example a photo, personal letter or a video message.

Thanks to your help, there is hope for a child living in extreme poverty. Which child do you give a hopeful future?