Background information

About 11 million people live in Haiti, 80 percent of whom still live below the poverty line. Every day the Haitians have to survive and people still have to deal with the consequences of the earthquake that took place on January 12, 2010. In 2016 hurricane Matthew hit the island. The population still experiences the effects of, among other things, these 2 disasters.There is a high infant mortality rate, poor medical care, many people are illiterate, and people still live in extreme poverty. There is still undrinkable water in many places and there is a very high unemployment rate.In short, plenty of work that can be stimulated with the added bonus that the Haitians also want to work themselves and are not wanting handouts but hand ups with education and technology!

Our work

We want to make every effort to get people back on track and to offer opportunities needed for them to support themselves. We build houses that give people a better place to live.Our working area is in the village of Ca-Ira, which is located in the western department, 1 ½ hour drive from Port au Prince. Ca-Ira is on the coast. Our projects are currently focused on the four pillars:In all we do we’re wanting to share the love of Jesus. To do this we are handing out Bibles, sponsoring young people, teaching children to read and write, building and repairing houses, distributing water filters and handing out food packages.In the future we want to see if it is possible to build a Technical/Skills Based school for young people between the ages of 17 and 25, thus equipping them in a profession so as to empower them to sustain their own lives for the future.

Let Jesus love shine through you!
Take time to help others / the poor.
Get sponsored and / or set money aside to join us.
Practically express your faith by rolling up your hands.
Provide local help on the spot where needed.
Help the local population to help rebuild the country.


In short: Do you want to make a difference in a country where poverty and misery reign supreme and where nothing is in order, even ten years after the earthquake. Do you want to roll up your sleeves and let your heart speak? Then come with us for a 15-day trip and make a difference, knowing that it will change your heart! If you want to know more about our project, come to the information evening or call us.

Make the difference! Help us help!

Let your heart speak and give!