Our motivated team falls under the Benaiah foundation, but carries out its activities independently with regard to the projects in Haiti.

We started on 1 June 2019. Before that, we had been actively involved in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake. We worked in a children’s home there. Our goal now is to do more for the people and children in the village. We are going to build houses for the poorest families (local Haitians also love to help).

Food packages, bibles and water filters are also distributed in Haiti.

The team consists of people who have been to Haiti, regularly return to Haiti, and want to make an effort from the Netherlands to change lives in Haiti.

Become a donor!

With your help we can contribute to a hopeful future, give struggling families a new home, teach previously disadvantaged Haitians to read and write, plus hand out much needed food packages and water filters. We also want to provide a spiritual basis and so we hand out Bibles.  and sponsor Young people are sponsored so that they can start vocational training.